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About Waterless Cooking

If you are not familiar with waterless cooking, you will be surprised at the advantages offered by this unique cooking method. Waterless cooking can benefit you five ways:

  • Saves money: low temperature cooking saves energy with less shrinkage of food during cooking
  • Saves time: Food cooks faster with no pot watching, no stirring, and easy cleanup
  • Better food values: low temperature cooking retains more natural vitamins and minerals in foods
  • Better food flavor: minimum heat means less oxidation of food during cooking so food retains a maximum of natural flavor and color
  • Fewer replacements: Vapo-Seal waterless cookware is built for a lifetime of dependable service

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Save minerals in water

It’s time to SPRING CLEAN your cookware cabinet!

Vapo-Seal cookware users… get rid of all your “unhealthy” pots. Prospective buyers… put your cookware to the test and see what you may be doing to your health.

Look under your sink. What are you using to cook your family meals?

If you have…


Test It:

  1. Take a look inside. Are there pits? This is where the aluminum has worn off.
  2. Take a stainless steel scouring pad and scrub inside your pan. Now take a white paper towel and rub the bottom of the pan with pressure. The paper towel will have the gray aluminum substance on it which is unhealthy to consume.

Teflon Coated

  1. Test It:
  2. Do you see scratches or some flaking? This is where the coating has come off. The reason food doesn’t stick to these pans is because each time you use them a small amount of Teflon comes out with your food. That is why they don’t last forever. There has been recent research finding a small amount of Teflon coating heated to 500 degrees can kill a mouse. They have named the effects it has on humans “Teflon Fever”.

Stainless Steel

Already have a set of stainless steel? Test It:

  1. How heavy is it? If it is fairly heavy, you probably don’t have too much trouble with burning or uneven heat, because other metals are used in the construction. If it is light, you probably burn your food often or need to use a lot of water and grease to keep from burning. Stainless steel by itself is not a good heat conductor or distributor. It is the most sanitary surface to cook on but is the least favorable for cooks.
  2. Boil some water in it? Are the water bubbles coming up in just spots or are they distributed in the pan? This will tell if you have just stainless steel, or if you have a good multi-ply construction.

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